No. 1 problem with the check-in?
Marketing Tips · 11. October 2021
After check-in, many clients are not familiar with the yacht. Often it is about little things that can cause great damage. Some clients then call the base and ask for explanations. This costs time and resources. How can this problem be avoided?

How to simplify your check-in process?
Marketing Tips · 04. October 2021
Simple equation: customers more familiar with the yacht = fewer resources for the charter company The question is now: How do you ensure that customers are more familiar with the yacht?

Increase your booking with a Digital Twin?
27. September 2021
A digital twin is the key to the customer. The first contact. The fascinating eye catcher. The one picture that says more about your fleet than 1,000 words. It's a true-to-scale copy of a yacht - in the digital world.

How to stand out from competition?
Marketing Tips · 20. September 2021
Alexander wants to charter a yacht for his family for 1 week. He opens Google and types in the yacht charter and the destination he wants to go. He ends up on an agency page. Now he can choose between a lot of yachts.

Boat Shows vs. Digital Marketing
Marketing Tips · 13. September 2021
Boat shows have been very useful in the past to get new bookings. Nowadays, when people come to boat shows they are more likely to look than to book. Of course on every boat show, you can have bookings. But it is not the primary source of income as it once was.

How a greek charter company increased their bookings:
Marketing Tips · 21. July 2021
"I remember the sudden boost in bookings. That day I asked my colleague if it had something to do with opening a border. He laughed and said... "