Boat Shows vs. Digital Marketing

Boat shows have been very useful in the past to get new bookings.

Nowadays, when people come to boat shows they are more likely to look than to book.

Of course on every boat show, you can have bookings

But it is not the primary source of income as it once was.

The digitalization changes a lot of industriesincluding the charter industry.

Global events happening right now, helped to accelerate digitalization.

We believe that boat shows will endure. But the impact changes

Showing presence, rather than receiving bookings.

Where are the bookings coming from then?

Digital Marketing is the key.

That is why big charter companies have multiple employees in the marketing department.

Digital Marketing creates brand awareness.

Brand awareness creates leads and leads create customers.

Having a good website is not enough. You need a marketing strategy and a clear overview of your path.

If done right, Digital Marketing supports your business and increases your bookings!