How a greek charter company increased their bookings:

"When customers booked yacht with us, they got a pdf with information to the yacht.

Later, when they came to our marina, our base manager explained the important things again.

Most of the times, customers were very impatient to go out sailing and did not really listen.

In the end, 8 out of 10 customers called while out sailing, to ask for assistance with the chartered yacht.

Sometimes they did not even call and things got damaged. "
Of course, this cost money and resources.

A Greek Charter Company were open for a new approach.

They tested out the 3D Yacht Manual and they felt the results immediately:

"I remember the sudden increase in bookings.

That day I asked my colleague if it had something to do with opening a border.

He laughed and said, we recently placed the 3D Yacht Manuals on our website.

Also the check-in on Saturdays became way more relaxing, because our customers really knew about  the yacht already.

In the end our bookings increased, we had less damage and we stood out from competition.

We could not be more satisfied!"
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