What is a 3D Yacht Manual?
A 3D YAcht Manual is a complete, three-dimensional represantation of a space, which lets you "walk" through the space to experience it as if you were there. Like Google Street View. Additionally we can put Info Points on your desired locations and add an Index Menu. Finally you or your customers can discover the 3D space and get the necessary Infos with the Info Points.
What are Info Points?
Info Points are blue and white spots you can see in our 3D space. These Infopoints can contain 3 different types of content: 1. Text (for example a quick start guide in different languages) 2. Photos (for example to explain certain buttons) 3. Videos (if a task is very specific, a video might be the best solution) In the Index Menu on the left side of the 3D space, you can find all the Info Points of your space. They are alphabetically listed. When clicking at one of the Info Points in the menu, you'll be automatically guided to the location of the Info Point.
How long does the process take?
It depends on, how many Info Points you want to have in your 3D Tour and what kind of Info Points (Text, Photo, Video). Approximately for a boat with 56 feet we deliver the finished 3D Model in 2 days.
Does anyone need to be present during the scanning of the yacht?
You are welcome to stay, ask questions and see how we capture the yacht. However, this is a repetitive process. Our prefered work practice is to be left alone as attention to detail is paramount for a great 3D Manual.
How can I share my 3D Models?
You will receive a simple and handy link which can be shared with any kind of people. In addition we will give you an embedded code. It is easy to share! Simply copy and paste into any website, e-Mail, facebook post, or social media platform.
Can I visit the Viewhoo! 3D Tour with Virtual Reality?
Yess! You will need 3 things for a Virtual Reality visit: • Headset - Virtual Reality Headset (Samsung Gear Vr, Google Cardboard) • Smartphone - Any newer generation (Android Phone or Apple iPhone iOS 9,1 and higher) • Matterport App - Matterport VR Application

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