How to simplify your check-in process?

Check-in process
Depending on the company culture, the check-in process differs at charter companies.
Some have put together PDFs that explains the yacht.
Others even produced videos to make customers more familiar with the yacht.


What is the same for all companies?
Personal contact is always there.
The yacht must be explained to the customer in the marina on the day of arrival.
Some customers are already very familiar with the yacht.
Then the process takes less time.
If customers are not familiar, the check-in process takes much longer.
Customers often call the base later, because they are not familiar with something.
In this case, the day of arrival and departure is usually associated with a lot of stress.

Simple equation:
customers more familiar with the yacht = fewer resources for the charter company
The question is now:
How do you ensure that customers are more familiar with the yacht?
With a digital twin.
A realistic, digital replica of the yacht, with one major difference:
Info Points can be placed in the digital twin.
Info Points can contain text, photos, or explanatory videos.
Customers will be happy to get familiar with the yacht, we promise!
They will arrive in the marina and be familiar with the yacht.
More attention can be paid to a warm welcomeinstead of technical introductions.
And there will be less damage to the yacht.
Create a 3D Yacht Manual for the prime yachts of your fleet!
Bookings will increase and the check-in process simplified!