How to stand out from competition?




Alexander wants to charter a yacht for his family for 1 week.
He opens Google and types in the yacht charter and the destination he wants to go.
He ends up on an agency page.
Now he can choose between a lot of yachts.






From the perspective of a Charter Company, there are different ways to grab the customers attention:

  1. Price

But giving percentages is not a sustainable strategy.
It damages your company & the industry in the long run.

  1. Amazing pictures

We know that you are not the first one to have this idea.
All Charter Companies have high quality pictures, so we are back to the start.

  1. 3D Yacht Manuals

It is something new and exciting for potential customers.
It is like a digital twin of your Yacht.
With the 3D Yacht Manual, you can brand yourself as a digital company.
With a good branding, people will be willing to pay higher prices.

Alexander opens the 3D Yacht Manual
He is amazed and wants to book the Yacht he just saw digitally, for a vacation.
Aleksander books the Yacht.

And that is how you can add great value with just a small investment.