Increase your booking with a Digital Twin?



What is a digital twin? 

A digital twin is the key to the customer.
The first contact. The fascinating eye catcher.
The one picture that says more about your fleet than 1,000 words.
It's a true-to-scale copy of a yacht - in the digital world.
The more valuable, emotional and impressive the digital twin is, the easier it is to convince customers of a yacht.



Digital twins increase bookings!

A greek charter company (~20 Yachts) increased their bookings with 28% !
Anyone who has already dealt with selling knows that selling is always strongly emotional.
This also applies to potential customers who want to charter a yacht.
With a digital twin you can increase your bookings.
Potential customers sit in amazement in front of their laptop and explore the digital twin.

Digital twins set you apart from the competition!

Just nice photos on the agency website?
Everyone has now.
Promote your fleet with digital twins.
No price war.
Stand out from the sea of providers with honest added value.


Digital twins simplify the check-in process!

If the customer has booked, a digital twin with info points can be made available to them.
Info points can contain text, photo and video.
With these info points we explain the yacht.
So customers get to know the yacht in advance.
No more PDFs.
And no stressful arrival and departure days in the marina.

More customers, less work.