No. 1 problem with the check-in?

Despite a long check-in: clients often don't know the yacht!
We spoke to a lot of charter companies, and they all complained about the same problem:
After check-in, many clients are not familiar with the yacht.
Often it is about little things that can cause great damage.
Some clients then call the base and ask for explanations.
This costs time and resources.
Others don't dare to call the base because they are ashamed, they haven't listened in the first place.
In the worst case, this will cost you a repair.
How can this problem be avoided?
With a 3D Yacht Manual.
This is a digital twin of the yacht.
In this digital twin there are Info Points that explain the yacht.
Info Points contain texts, photos, or videos.

For example, a video can be used to show how to switch from the inverter to shore power.
To sum it up:

If a client doesn't know how to switch between the generator and shore power,
 they just need to have a smartphone with an internet connection.
Then they can open the 3D Yacht Manual on their smartphone and answer the questions on their own.
No more calls to the base.
And no more damage to the yacht because clients are ashamed to call.