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Tip: The 3D Yacht Manual looks way better with plants and decorations. 

The interactive 3D Yacht Manual is available on any device.

Info Points

The pins in the 3D Model are Info Points. You can individually choose on which location you want to put them in your 3D Model. By clicking at one of the Info Points in the Menu, you'll be guided to the location of the Info Point.

There are 3 different types of Info Points:

1) Text Info Points


For example to guide to the location of the Electrical Windlass or Water Tank Inlets.

2) Picture Info Points


For example to guide to the location of Gas Bottles under a seat or to label a complex Electrical Panel.

3) Video Info Points


For example to show a specific task. Like how to use the Air-Conditioning system or how to use the Outboard Engine.

Project Management

From the first contact to the finished project, there are 4 essential steps to assure you will
receive your 3D Yacht Manual with the highest quality. Here is how we operate:


One yacht of the size of 65 feet takes approximately 2 days. Smaller yachts take less time. The yacht must be prepared in the way, they should be presented later in the 3D Yacht Manual.


Final Product

Our finished 3D Manuals come in 2 different ways:


1. Link
Can be send to any number of people.


2. iFrame
Can be integrated and scaled in any kind of homepage.

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